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Facts about Wroclaw Airport

Wroclaw airport is commonly known as the Copernicus Airportwhich is situated in Wroclaw city of Poland and it is an international airport. The airport is situated at the west of the city and is about 10 kms from the centre of the city. The exact place name is Starachowice which is west of Wroclaw.

The Starachowice flight airport terminal was constructed after the former army flight airport terminal had been destroyed. It began managing as a traveller flight airport terminal in 1958. Since 1958 and till 1992 there previously were frequent routes to Wroclaw from Warsaw, Krakow, Rzeszow and periodic routes from Gdansk, and other cities which where the prominent cities in Poland. In 1992 the partnership between two main stake holder was founded and quickly afterwards the flight airport terminal had its first worldwide routes.

The new home airport terminal was started out in 1998 and a new worldwide airport terminal one season later. On Dec 6, 2005 the flight terminal was relabelled after the well-known astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. The airport's new name is Copernicus Airport, Wroclaw.

Airport terminal plug-in was basically started out on the same day, improving the airport's potential to 750,000 travelers per season. This potential was easily overtaken by several number of million (in the first 9 several weeks of 2007 the flight terminal provided 972,505 passengers) so the current terminal place was extended by 1,900 m to relieve some of the traffic jam, but furthermore create the terminal features comply with the specifications of the Schengen Contract, which was integrated at Poland's air-ports.

The airport functions modern home, worldwide and freight devices.

The worldwide airport terminal contains a work free place in the worldwide departures corridor. The freight airport terminal, situated next to the fire place and air traffic managing structure, west of the traveller devices, has a shed of nearly forty thousand square feet, an insured warehouse, refrigerator and radioactive materials factory.